emubeads – FAQ- making unique and beautiful glass beads- how to:


can you add ashes of pets in a bead?
memorial beads: ashes as an organic material included within layers of the bead. all emubeads are kiln-cooled aka annealed, to reduce shock and cracking.

how long does it take to make a bead?
this varies greatly. small beads are quick to make, and larger beads take longer. some glass is slower in it’s flow like a cold honey and it is coaxed into a bead form. variabilities include the bead size, starting with the hole size. many layers and complicated layers add degrees of difficulty which is time.

how do you make beads?
making beads, also called ‘lamp work’, uses a dual gas torch – oxygen and propane mix. this makes a working temperature of about 760C. mandrills are prepared and coated with bead release, heated glass is wound around the mandrill – this is then the bead hole – layers and layers of glass create the size, inclusions sandwiched within layers adds the uniqueness. all beads are annealed overnight in the kiln

how do you colour the glass ?
the glass arrives in glass rods, in all colours. i often use a mix of coloured glasses

where to buy emubeads?
I attend northern river’s markets and I have an online shop or you can contact me directly f