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green and purple handmade lampwork glass bead pendant

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pendant in seawash subtle
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These two handmade lamp work glass beads are in subtle tones of purple and green glass.The muted colours are due to the seawash appearance of the beads, which is a patina applied to the beads in the flame during making.

The smaller bead is wrapped in fine silver.

Both glass beads are on a sterling silver post which threads to a necklace at either end.

The silver chain is not included.

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emubeads’ unique designs : artisan glass beads with inclusions and without

the handmade artisan influence is present with each emubead

emubeads uses many techniques to make our glass beads. additions of pure silver, sterling silver and recycled materials are part of their beauty.

our dedication to organic forms – a distinctive emubeads appearance – results from years working at the flame. likewise, colour combinations, bead surfacing and shaping, makes each emubead one-of-a-kind.

additionally, the flowing, hot glass provides a mysterious quality, a smidge of out-of-controlness to the mix.

handmade emubeads as additions to your jewellery designs, up cycling your old jewellery or threading onto an existing necklace
stringing emubeads- making your designs fabulous

these elements together produce original glass artworks, making them a beautiful addition to any jewellery project.

similarly, emubeads are simply fabulous when strung onto your favourite chain.

through years of practise and experimentation, emubeads continues to develop techniques and designs for your needs.

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or learn jewellery making skills in our DIY workshop : up-cycle your loved, unworn jewellery/beads into a stunning new design.

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