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unique designs with or without inclusions. emubeads’ glass beads alone or combined with bespoke silver components make stunning jewellery for individuals.

emubeads uses sterling silver and recycled material inclusions within the body of an emubead. the organic forms are a result of surfacing techniques, bead-shaping and a little unknown. the final appearance is purposefully unique and looks fabulous when strung directly onto leather, or your favourite chain or choker.

the glass palette offers vast colour choices in designing any emubead. the unique forms and differing hole sizes make emubeads’ appearance perfect for any jewellery designer searching for original components.

the artisan appearance of the handmade is unmistakably present with each individual emubead.

red handmade emubead with inclusions on silver

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red emubead, one-off bespoke glass bead,
handmade, red glass with metal inclusions on hand made silver link.

beautiful on a silver chain, or leather, wearer's choice

this bead is 40 X 40 mm of irregular round
bead hole size: 18mm

black square is 10mm X 10mm
chain is not included

emubeads, not one the same

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alternatively you can buy emubeads at markets or attend a workshop to upcycle your loved unworn jewellery/beads into a stunning new piece.

if you have seen emubead images on instagram or facebook that are not in the shop, please contact me directly