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murwillumbah rethread

sitting around a table of emubeads, cutting up your old bead necklaces and repurposing your solo earrings and other bits collecting in your jewellery box, making something new.

the time has come to create a new jewellery piece using what you have. you are about to eco-upcycle your old and loved collection.

in this 4 hour workshop you will be guided to create a new necklace using your some of your favourite bracelets and necklaces, or pieces with memories that you no longer wear...

you will receive $20 of emubeads of your choosing to add to your design. select from a wide variety of uniquely made glass emubeads.

beginners are welcome

by the end of the workshop you will have created a fabulous new necklace which holds the memories of all the original parts.

changing the planet one necklace at a time

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