emubeads REVAMP workshop

upcycle your jewellery box contents

recycle your old, loved beads

semiprecious stones and emubeads

a revamp gathering workshop offers a creative time to breathe new life into your old, loved and collected beads and designing a new necklace/jewellery piece.

use what you already have : it is an opportunity to value and reuse the collected and outdated jewels in your jewellery box. too short, too broken, too odd… but still loved in memory.

no experience is necessary.

at the end of the 3-hour workshop you will have a wearable piece of jewellery. the memories woven through its length. our beads hold the stories of : who gave them to us and where we bought them and share those stories of place and people involved.

each participant is provided with:
silky soft flex jewellery wire,
sterling silver crimp beads,
and tools to complete your new necklace.

contact emubeads to book a revamp gathering workshop